The Kora is a 21 string musical instrument built with a large calabash as a resonator. The Kora has a delicate harp like sound and is the instrument of the Griots or Jali the traditional oral historian of the Mandingo people of West Africa. To be a master kora player one must know the five tuning methods and various styles of music where the kora is played. These tunning methods are: Tomraba, Tomaramesengo, Silaba, Haridino, Sautha.

The following are some of the tradional and non- traditional musical instruments Suso can play:

1. Kora
2. Belengo
3. Kalimba
4. Kutiro
5. Junkuran
6. Shekere
7. Electric Guitar
8. Harmonica
9. Balafon
10. Dundungo
11. Tamo
12. Dousongoni

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